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The Rich Flow of Life series with Host Valerie Kanay is a popular weekly podcast show available on iTunes and viewed on You Tube.  Join Valerie Kanay the Award Winning Authorities Author, as she takes you on a personal journey for your evolution.  Each week we release a new and exciting episode, featuring the Enlightened Guests, who hold the keys to unlock your unique life situation. They each bring to the table their very powerful and personal spin to inspire and empower you to step up your game into “The Rich Flow of Life!”

Today is a beautiful day!  Good things are always happening for us…  Anyone can now access and listen to the “The Rich Flow of Life” podcasts from Apple iTunes Store.  Go to Valerie Kanay Talks!   Now you can enjoy “The Rich Flow of Life” podcast all over the world ~~from anywhere and at any time!

 I Host of Valerie Kanay Talks podcast show entitled “The Rich Flow of Life” to inspire and empower you.

We typically talk to Authors, Coaches or Entrepreneurs who spread the love with life changing valuable content to inspire and empower others.

No charge to be on the show but must have a book/product or service that’s powerful life changing that will inspire and empower our listener’s in a positive, powerful and meaningful way.