Valerie Kanay

Valerie was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida ~ now lives in New York City.  Blessed with leadership qualities from a young age, she believes that anyone can create a new reality of infinite blessings.  Valerie is The Award Winning Author of The Authorities Book and she is the Lead Authority on your Personal Evolution.

Fired by an insatiable curiosity, Valerie is never content with status quo for any length of time. She believes that life is a series of progressions and there’s always room for improvement.  Val is always grounded by a positive outlook and has daily gratitude for big and small things.

She is the Host of the iTunes Podcast show entitled   “The Rich Flow of Life” series.  Featuring today’s Enlightened Guests, who holds the keys to unlock your unique life situations.’  It is her love of life that motivates her to inspire others to evolve to their own potential and happiness.   Above all, Valerie loves God, adventure, travels and excitement; to her, life is never dull, it’s exhilarating!