Episode 64: The Art of Appreciation – Taking Nothing for Granted with Sanjana Ambegaonkar


Sanjana Ambegaonkar is a twelve year old Award Winning Author, of the book, The Art of Appreciation; it’s all about taking nothing for granted!  Sanjana was inspired by her parents Amit and Swapna to write her book.  She is an incredible and gifted writer with who loves writing, reading and dancing. She also represented her school in Ontario for the Excellence in Energy Award.  Sanjana truly appreciates life!  Oh yes, everything in life both small and big, for she believes that we can never appreciate too much.  Always be thankful, grateful and appreciative of all that there is in the world we live in.  Her book has some fun and interactive exercises to sharpen your appreciation skills so you will experience a deeper love of life and we can all appreciate that!

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