Episode 65: Sunshine in the Midst of the Storm – 7 Keys to be Happy When Times are Tough


Oluwatosin Ayo-Ajayi, is the President of Inspire You Network Inc. and Founder of the HappyLight Movement; a support platform to share and learn how to live a happy and successful life. She is a certified Life Coach; spreading her passion for happiness and inspiring others to reach their maximum potential. Oluwatosin is also, the Award-winning Author of the book; Sunshine in the Midst of the Storm: 7 Keys to Being Happy when Times are Tough. She once lived a life of difficulties; sickness and unhappiness, to now triumph and is committed to teach the importance of being happy. She believes to be successful in life; you need to be happy-at the moment! Oluwatosin mantra is, “In spite of all –Be Happy”. She lives in Calgary, Canada with her sweetheart and greatest cheerleader, Odeniyi Ayo-Ajayi.

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