Episode 66:The Council Tax Pain Killer-Ditch You Council Tax in the UK with Agebeli Alistair Ziddah


Mr Agbeli Alistair Ziddah, The Council Tax Painkiller, is the Author of the upcoming book; Ditch Your Council Tax! 9 steps to beat the system. As per the book title, he teaches anyone who wants to learn what to do to lawfully free them from having to pay council tax, in the UK. The tax is levied on every business or home unless they are exempted for specified reasons. It is through his own experience of having been through the mill of being harassed and attempts of being bullied by his local authority in regards to paying council tax, which Agbeil now bring his experiences and knowledge to provide as a means to teach people to fight like he did and emulate his victories! Check it all out!

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